Warning, this article contains lots of trumpet blowing!

Last week I chanced upon something that got us a bit excited, it's a little self indulgent but hey-ho I'm going to share it anyway.

On Friday I noticed an irregular spike in our referral traffic from 1 single source: Webflow. I followed the referral path to 16 examples of inspiring blog design.

“Holy f*&knugget, ‘Bravedog’… we’re number 1!”

For those of you who haven’t heard of Webflow (most of you probably), it’s a pretty big deal in the design world. Webflow is a global player in web building software, it’s USP is that it gives us designers more control over the web mmmmwwahahaha. A lot of insanely creative web sites have been crafted using it.

Okay, so it’s not quite an Oscar – probably more like GQ awarding us ‘Bum of the year’ – as in beautiful glutes, not the kind that sleeps on a bench. But when Webflow is telling its community (and the world) that our work is “inspiring” it feels pretty good – yes I’m a sucker for any praise [blames childhood].

They did get one tiny detail wrong - we’re not based in London! (“London agency” does sound cooler than “Swindon agency” – but that is a whole different blog). I’ll put it down to them being American and perhaps not aware that the UK is home to a few other towns and cities.

I always tell clients to finish up with a call to action so here comes my shameless plug - if you have an inspiring idea and need equally inspiring creative give us a shout on 01793 438450 or email me

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