Why Swindon isn't as shit as people from London think it is

December 7, 2019
Nick Prescott
Managing Director

You’ve probably seen or read that there’s a lot of positive noise around our big idea, TechSwindon, recently announced by Switch on to Swindon. We’re now right at the centre of what started life as a tiny idea around tech and talent attraction. It’s growing and capturing support from the likes of Nationwide, Intel, Appsbroker, BCS, The National Trust… indeed Swindon’s tech community (that these heavyweights form part of) is whirring in anticipation for some game-changing activity that’s set to unfold. Importantly, it’s also engaging all kinds of non-tech people and businesses from across the town, including a couple of local agencies who’ve chipped in some of their time and design services to support our big idea. It’s galvanising hearts and minds around a cause that we predicted would become far bigger than the slightly timid brief we first set eyes upon last year. If it were a drinks brand, we’d say we’ve given it wings.


People often ask us, ‘do you specialise in a particular sector’ and usually our response is something along the lines ‘we specialise in diversity’. Until recently that’s been pretty accurate, though we hate the idea of being categorised into a neat little box almost as much as we dislike agency clichés (we’re passionate about our clients… yuk... never lie!)


In the last year or so we’ve been engaged in a growing number of branding and creative projects for tech-oriented businesses, probably on a ratio of 65/35 vs non-tech brand gigs like the exciting new wine brand we’re working on (free samples!). Here's a tech brand we recently relaunched


The growth in tech is undoubtedly giving rise to increasing demand for our expertise and experience working with tech businesses who want to stand out and win their share of the expanding market. We’re doing some fantastic stuff (in tech), much of which is working its way through to launch.


Ironically though, as much as we’re steeped in techy knowledge and could probably hold a decent conversation with a room full of noughts and ones, it’s actually our diversity that’s formed part of our winning formula for these guys. In most cases, our strategy and approach have surfaced ideas and creative that’s vested in creating tech brands that don’t look or behave like tech brands.  It would be far too easy to just crank out another me-too identity in a shade of blue – often the adopted step-change for the slightly unimaginative, less brave tech companies who went elsewhere for branding advice!. (Thanks to them though for making our work more meaningful).


If you own an agile tech business and want to grow, buy a private island and eventually give away your millions to worthy causes - talk to branding experts that know enough about tech to stop you from looking and sounding like all your boring competitors.


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