Why 2019 Is the Year of the Rebrand

May 21, 2019
Nick Prescott
Managing Director

Re-branding isn't something organisations should fear but something they must embrace.

Earlier in the year Slack's and Mastercard's new logos stole most of the headlines. Now it's BT's turn, with the recent unveiling of their new marque attracting the usual 'my 10-year-old could have done that' diatribe. To adopt the old adage, any publicity is good publicity, certainly when a new identity gets attention like this most agencies would take it as a compliment. It shows people care, one way or another. It means they have an opinion on it and beyond that, perhaps even an emotional connection that stirs them to react.

Brands are there to facilitate such connections between a business and consumers, to create bonds that go beyond products and services. Rebranding is an opportunity to re-align or strengthen those connections, to move a brand towards tomorrow and away from yesterday, to shake off tired relationships and encourage new thinking. To do a lot of other good stuff too.

OFFF's new identity is one of our favourites so far this year for its simplicity and 'rule-breaking' adaptability!
Established in 2001 (originally as Online Flash Film Festival), OFFF is one of the most well-known design and creativity festivals.

Thinking of rebranding this year?  Grow some balls and go for it, drop me a note,

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