The Big Idea Behind TechSwindon

December 7, 2019
Nick Prescott
Managing Director

Bravedog were asked by Switch on to Swindon to get involved in a pitch to develop a big idea for a talent attraction campaign to encourage people ‘in tech’ to live and work in Swindon.

Fast forward a few months, following many hours of discovery, navigating and creative thinking, we were delighted to see our winning idea TechSwindon launched at Nationwide’s HQ. It took centre stage as part of an evening that showcased dynamism from a selection of local tech businesses and celebrated all the positive things that are happening in and around Swindon.

Nick Prescott, Bravedog Managing Director commented:

“To get to the idea, we invested a lot of time and research into uncovering what Swindon really needed and where it could be best positioned to deliver on a range of objectives. In our work, we always set out to challenge ordinary, we wanted to make a real and lasting impact, so our thinking went way past only devising a campaign. Instead, we have created something tangible that’s set to change how people see Swindon, create jobs and attract investment. Best of all, it’s going to have a positive influence on people’s lives and bring prosperity to the town where we live and work. That’s what got us and the Switch on team excited about the potential for TechSwindon and why we’re now thrilled to be part of so many positive conversations following its launch.”

With the UK tech sector is growing 2.6 times faster than any other industry, demand and competition for tech talent are increasing exponentially. Now Swindon is evolving as one of the nation’s leading tech destinations; it’s crucial we educate and promote what Swindon has to offer in jobs and lifestyle opportunity to attract the people our tech businesses need to support their growth.

At Bravedog, we believe the best way to do that is to educate people from places like London and along the M4 corridor, indeed further afield.  We want to encourage them to explore Swindon for themselves and discover that, contrary to some outdated perceptions, Swindon is a vibrant, dynamic and growing town, bursting with opportunity. You only have to lean towards the likes of Appsbroker, Intel, Carto Group, Render Media, BCS, Nationwide and National Trust in Swindon to see that we have a rich and diverse tech-centric business community. Moreover, with local investment in places like Workshed and the recently announced multi-million-pound high-tech institute, there’s further evidence that Swindon is in the ascendency and very much open for business.  

Bravedog’s vision for TechSwindon is that through collaborative networks, content, events and action, it will become the catalyst for both positioning Swindon and galvanising our tech community. Importantly though, it’s not just about tech businesses, TechSwindon has been designed to enrich and support broader objectives for prosperity in our town. For example, by engaging local companies who provide infrastructure, transport, catering and hospitality to be part of it, the immediate benefit reaches the very heart of Swindon. Beyond that, and more crucially its longer-term aim is to attract investment and bring new people, skills and ideas to Swindon, and ultimately encourage sustainable growth for everybody around it.

The next stage will see SOTS working with partners and sponsors to develop the project, culminating in a 2-day tech summit hosted at three earmarked venues, STEAM, UTC and Workshed. It’s anticipated to attract over 2,000 local and national attendees, and with a digital broadcast of keynotes and content, reach a global audience well above that figure.

If you’d like to know more about TechSwindon and see how big ideas like this are born at Bravedog, please call us on 01793 438450 or drop us a line,

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