There must be something in the air, well cyber-space perhaps.

In December Webflow’s blog featuring Bravedog said this ‘Their entire site is impressive, but their blog is particularly remarkable.’ Today the first trumpet blowing of 2020 comes off the back of being crowned Mindsparkle Mag’s ‘site of the day’.

Only a fleeting celebration of Bravedog’s work this time, but equally commendable since Mindsparkle Mag promotes the most beautiful and inspiring projects in the fields of Design, Web Design and Video.

Bravedog's Nick Prescott commented:

“Like busses they say… it’s great to get this kind of attention and recognition from our peers. Like Webflow’s article, Mindsparkle noticed our work and singled it out for praise, we didn’t put it forwards or enter a competition, being organic, as such, makes it more special.”

“The advantage we have with our own site is we can be truly expressive and design without the boundaries that can sometimes stifle creativity. It’s an opportunity for Matt and the team to really go for it and push thinking. Creating sites, like this, that defy ordinary are what sets Bravedog apart. If we feel we can’t do a project justice because the budget or brief is too restrictive, then we’ll step away rather than kick ourselves in the ass to cut corners. It’s a do our best or don’t do at all mantra that we live by and our clients get that because they understand value in the same way we do.”  

If you’re feeling inspired, have a budget and want an amazing website, get in touch with Bravedog on 01793 438450 or email

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