Crafty new look for Coop's own-label booze

January 18, 2019
Nick Prescott
Managing Director

This new packaging design caught our eye

Design Week's Alina Polianskaya shares a perspective on what packaging design will look like in 2019.

Coop's fresh look appears to draw its new flavour from the craft beer movement that's blasted its way through the established 24-pack lager monoliths in recent years. It may be a bit too Brewdog, perhaps that's deliberate? It seems no self-respecting, oil bearded hipster would be seen anywhere near a can of Carling these days and Foster's reliance on sun-drenched sexism to punt their cold ones is so yesterday - "Viva la revolución"

Coop's can signals a shift that may force the garage brew crafties to re-think and put more distance between the real stuff and the supermarket pretenders.

Certainly we agree that sustainability and materials will play a big part in establishing customer comfort, with brands also adopting creative that's equally well aligned and imaginative.


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