Ditching the click - rebranding an ambitious tech startup

1ClickCloud / Hooble

Ditching the click - rebranding an ambitious tech startup

1ClickCloud / Hooble




1ClickCloud, the tech startup with ambitions to become a leading cloud solutions provider. They offer a range of cloud services, from hosted cloud solutions, servers, software and email, to website hosting and domain name registration.

What we did

Brand Realisation
Brand Naming
Brand Design



New direction

1ClickCloud turned to Bravedog for guidance and expertise as they had reached a 'what now?' crossroads. Driven by frustration, they knew their outdated identity, incoherent marketing and the lack of a distinct proposition was hindering their growth.

Gaining insight

To learn more about them, the business and to surface some truths we kicked things off with a discovery workshop - asking, talking, forming opinions and sharing ideas. Then immersed ourselves in desk research to gain an insight into their fast-changing market and uncover opportunities for change. 

Dan, Luke, Simon and Micheal - the senior team at 1ClickCloud

What we learned

What we learned

Fast-changing market, low-level saturation with lots of me-too operators saying and doing the same things. Predictable and boring.

Great people, purpose-driven business, well resourced with high levels of expertise, character and capacity for rapid organic and augmented growth.

No bullshit approach
Built on trust
Straight to the point​​​​​​​
Thirsty for progress​​​​
Always fully committed​​
Business should be fun

Seizing the opportunity

Our Brand Realisation work focussed on giving 1ClickCloud ways to elevate their brand and offering away from the crowd. A distinctive new name, identity and positioning that set them free to be who they are, instead of trying to fit into the square, tech-shaped box.


Time to ditch the click, adopt a catchy new name and mark that stands for something people can believe in.

New Identity

Every cloud has a... yellow logo. Well much more than that, a whole new identity shaped around people and ​​​​​​​the cloud.

Tone of voice

In a jargon-filled industry, where everyone sounds the same, blah, blah. We kept it simple and talk like people, ​​​​​​​not machines.

Coherent Marketing

End-to-end transformation of every brand touchpoint. New, engaging and distinctive without a sniff of stock-library server-rooms or ethernet cables. 


All or nothing. When a client lets us take the brakes off and trusts us completely, the real magic happens. Unhindered we were free to transform 1ClickCloud from sparring partner to a serious contender. They have all the ingredients, a healthy client-base and now, to win hearts and minds, an image and identity that lives up to their promise and more.

2008 - 2019
"From the first meeting with the team at Bravedog I got a great sense that we were in very capable hands. They listened and very quickly understood where I was coming from, readily acknowledging my frustrations and gave me some very useful perspective and ideas on a way forward.

Since that initial session we’ve grown our partnership, bought into their ideas and trusted their expertise to transform our old 1Click brand into Hooble. It’s been extremely rewarding to see it come to life, through a new website and our growing brand estate.

Bravedog are now working with us to drive marketing activity, kicking off with Hooble’s official launch campaign.

One of the advantages with Bravedog is their holistic approach. It’s not just a case of them giving out advice or designing a new identity and leaving us to it. They work and support us like true partners. Their approach is dedicated to ensuring that we capitalise on all the opportunities that rebranding presents and more importantly, they’re helping us deliver the change we needed.

It’s obvious to me they genuinely care about me and the future of my business. Would I recommend them… of course!"
Luke Bailey Managing Director

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