Nick's Insight

What do you REALLY need?

January 18, 2019
Nick Prescott
Managing Director

We're often tasked with solving problems for clients, and it would be very easy to do what many agencies do and just sit in a briefing, nodding, smiling, and just saying yes in the hope that some paid work will come out of it.

But, who's kidding who? Where does that lead? Where's the creativity and thought?

"Take time to talk, share, be challenged - focus on uncovering the truth, and don't get hung up on preconceived ideas."

If you're only thinking about the work you're not really listening. If you're approach is built on fees and invoices, disappointment looms. You see the reality is that what clients think they want, isn't actually what they really need at all, not directly anyway. We regularly encounter issues, challenges (call them what you will) that aren't principally about marketing or design, they go much deeper, right into the heart of the business itself. This is when it gets really interesting - where finding the solution becomes even more important and why just saying 'yes' to a design brief isn't enough.

Here's our top three tips for figuring out what you really need.

What's the actual purpose of the project or activity, and how will it have a positive effect your brand or business? Set out clear goals.

With goals and outcomes in mind, what approach will best achieve them? Don't go with your first idea.

What are you prepared to invest (or risk) in pursuing this idea? Nothing is guaranteed so plan for worst case.

If you're not sure, talk to people who have the expertise and insight to help you.


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